A Block figure with sunglasses and a white cane as our logo

Welcome to BlindBlocArt!

We are a block producer candidate with a very lofty goal, bringing art (clases, supplies, and studios) to the children and people with disabiliaties around the world free of charge. Instead of limiting our community envolement with the EOSIO community, we want to better the world.

I may be blind, but I have a vision of brining art to children of the world!

I may be deaf, but I hear the needs of the people

I also want to combine my counseling with art and help returning vetrans, as I have had a TBI and gone through PTSD and feel I can be of help to them.

If you want to donate to this cause just transfer tokens to bbadonations !

You will notice there are no images on this site, so that it is totally accessible to all!

About US

Angela Palmer

Angela has a masters degree in counseling and was working on getting the hours to become a MFT when her hearing dropped and she had to drop out. She has since taken up art, first as therapy and now as fun. She works in ceramics (sculpture, wheel, and hand building) and mosaics.

She was a featured artist at the recent Insights: Arts of the Blind and Low Vision in Rancho Cordova.

She now wants to teach art to as many children as can be reached.

Joe Ruiz

Joe has over 28 years in the computer industry as a systems administrator .

Technical White Paper

We will be starting in the private cloud Linode with initial servers in Singapore and London, we will be able to go with these until we get our barematal servers up and running.
We will have 2 full nodes and 1 block producer to start with along with a proxy/load balancer layer. The value of using a private cloud is we can change the setup on the fly and add more CPU/RAM/DISK as needed, and will be able to grow as we need more servers. After the first quarter we will know what the load is and what hardware we will need to spec and build.